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Study on Character Licensing in connection with Animation Gamification - Focus on
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  • Journal title : Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • Volume , Issue ,  2015, pp.357-378
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • DOI : 10.7230/KOSCAS.2015.41.357
 Title & Authors
Study on Character Licensing in connection with Animation Gamification - Focus on
Lee, Seon-Young; Lee, Seung-Jin;
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The recent domestic toy market is filled with the fever of `Turning Mecard` produced as a character product of units showing in . The toy market of the domestic character licensing industry has shown such rapidly changing trends during the period of broadcasting contents like animation or special films targeting children. Through these contents, the characters are cognized, and also the immersion and loyalty can be increased depending on the progress of the story, on top of marketing effect while the animation is broadcasted. This effect is called gamification meaning that consumers voluntarily participate in the contents after receiving fun. Through the purchase of character products, the immersion and loyalty participate in the animation. Thus, this study analyzed the gamification elements by examining the animation and toy products of currently gaining popularity in the toy market. In the results of the study, the story structure of has the sustainment just like game, which is connected to its character product. Therefore, the users who have watched build up the relationship with each other, and the competition and reward can be done through the game using the character products, which is connected to such high immersion and loyalty.
Animation;Gamification;Stage Structure;Character Licensing;Turningmecard;
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