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A Study on the Visual Style of Animation Documentary Genre
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  • Journal title : Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • Volume , Issue ,  2016, pp.25-52
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • DOI : 10.7230/KOSCAS.2016.42.025
 Title & Authors
A Study on the Visual Style of Animation Documentary Genre
Jung, Hye-kyung; Kim, Hye-kyung;
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Animation documentary is a hybrid genre that is newly highlighted with opposite properties. The actual world is reproduced with an unrealistic method in documentary aspect, but the objectivity of documentaries cannot be guaranteed as the boundary of actual pictures and digital images has become ambiguous. As the animation documentary by Ari Folman succeeded in 2008, the focus of this study is on `how can fictional animations prove the authenticity of documentaries?` in which the study is mainly conducted in documentary aspect. For this, the researcher considers visual style research has important role in understanding and developing a new video genre, and asserts the necessity of research on reproduction image that is produced by the characteristics of animation which is produced in frame units. This paper has contents on the visual style of animation documentaries with pictorial reproduction methods in which animation images were classified into 3 styles based on previous research on animation documentary style. Visual styles are classified into actual image that is based on similarity with reality to deliver objective facts, image that is transformed through emphasis and omission which are factors of animations, and surrealistic image that reproduces non-visual regions such as illusions and the inner side of characters. Through this study that analyzes visual style types and characteristics, animation documentaries are expected to position as a hybrid genre that illustrates reality with a new method instead of being included in the existing reproduction method of documentaries.
Animation Documentary;Visual Style;Realistic Image;Modified Image;Surrealistic Image;
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