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A study on the figurative art expression reflected on the relationship with the animal companion and the inner self - Focusing on works by Lee Heeyeong -
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  • Journal title : Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • Volume , Issue ,  2016, pp.293-313
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • DOI : 10.7230/KOSCAS.2016.42.293
 Title & Authors
A study on the figurative art expression reflected on the relationship with the animal companion and the inner self - Focusing on works by Lee Heeyeong -
Lee, Hee-Young; Cho, Myung-Shik;
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The target stimulating human`s sensitivity can include several things; the first is human like us including beautiful women and cute babies. The next ranking is the dog animal that established itself as a human`s companion. It is the 3B law(beauty, baby, beast - much used in the ad or election due to the positive image) that is widely used in the advertising. This relationship is being expressed in the art history for a long time. Dogs that have lived a history more than 10 thousand years with humans hunted, protected flock of sheep, and kept the farmer`s house and property. They have been human`s assistants and companion who entered into the modern urban culture. Like this, dogs have adapted to several situations endlessly such as the nomadic life, farming, country life, and urban life. This paper will explore the close relationship of humans and companion animals through various icons of dogs and pups that appeared through a number of artists` skills. The companion animal means an animal that lives with people, which means the relationship of round-trip rather than the one-way relation those each other gives a help. Therefore, there artist tries to examine the figure of great hunter for survival, highly evaluated figure as the royal dignity, and the mascot-like figure delivering the daily happiness to modern people as presenting joy through a discussion of the `countenance`, a visual signal of the dogs and pups. They have been influenced by screen and popular media in 20C. Snoopy, a main character of and the movie <101 Dalmatians> made a success on the theater and television when Beagle and Dalmatian were prevalent. These main characters make audience feel happy involuntarily. Like this, the continuous and old friendship of the human and dogs will be confirmed again through the icon of dogs and pups consisting of the communication of artists and readers in the modern shape art, and it is hoped to be a psychological stabilizing effect to modern people living in the intense modern society. Therefore, it is expected this study paper will be reborn as a new text and be expanded as an effective communication in the journey of dogs and human in the future in investigating the communion of dogs and human.
Companion Animal;Communion;Dog`s Icon;Borrowing;Visual signal;Countenance;Modern Shape Art;
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