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Lead-free Solder Technology and Reliability for Automotive Electronics
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 Title & Authors
Lead-free Solder Technology and Reliability for Automotive Electronics
Lee, Soon-Jae; Jung, Jae-Pil;
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In this study, properties of Pb-free solders for automotive electronics parts were discussed. Lead-free solders for electronics became important after RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances) to avoid environmental pollution. Also the growing electronic rate in automotive parts and ELV (End-of Life Vehicles) make Pb-free solder for automotive electronics to be inevitable trend. Definitely, Pb-free solder for automotive electronics should have good wettability, basic strength, but need more reliability than other solders, since it has harsh condition like high temperature, humidity and engine vibration. Thus, shear strength test, thermal shock, drop test and many others are needed to ensure the high reliability. This study describes the properties and requirements of Pb-free solders for automotive electronics.
automotive electronics;Pb-free solder;ELV;reliability;
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