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Wettability of SAC305-coated Cu Fabricated by Low Temperature Process Using Ultrafine SAC305 Nanoparticles
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 Title & Authors
Wettability of SAC305-coated Cu Fabricated by Low Temperature Process Using Ultrafine SAC305 Nanoparticles
Shin, Yong Moo; Choi, Tae Jong; Cho, Kyung Jin; Jang, Seok Pil; Lee, Jong-Hyun;
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SAC-coated Cu specimens were fabricated by novel pad finish process using a phenomenon that metal nanoparticles less than 20 nm in diameter melted at a temperature lower than the melting point of bulk metal, and their wettabilities were evaluated. The thickness of SAC305 layer coated at low temperature of using SAC305 ink was extremely thin as the level of several nanometers. It was analyzed by Auger electron spectroscopy that intermetallic layer with a thickness of 10~100 nm and intermetallic layer with a thickness of 50~150 nm were sequentially formed under the SAC305 coating layer. The thickness of formed intermetallic layers was thicker in electroplated Cu than rolled Cu, which attributed to improved surface roughness in the electroplated Cu. The improved surface roughness induces the contact, melting, and reaction of a larger number of SAC305 nanoparticles per the unit area of Cu specimen. In the wetting angle test using SAC305 solder balls, the Cu coated with SAC305 through the low temperature process presented evidently low wetting angles than those in non-coated Cu, indicating that only a few nanometer-thick SAC305 coating layer on Cu could also cause the enhancement of wettability.
SAC305-coated Cu;SAC305 nanoparticle;SAC ink;Low temperature process;wettability;
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