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Effect of CNT-Ag Composite Pad on the Contact Resistance of Flip-Chip Joints Processed with Cu/Au Bumps
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 Title & Authors
Effect of CNT-Ag Composite Pad on the Contact Resistance of Flip-Chip Joints Processed with Cu/Au Bumps
Choi, Jung-Yeol; Oh, Tae Sung;
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We investigated the effect of CNT-Ag composite pad on the contact resistance of flip-chip joints, which were formed by flip-chip bonding of Cu/Au chip bumps to Cu substrate metallization using anisotropic conductive adhesive. Lower contact resistances were obtained for the flip-chip joints which contained the CNT-Ag composite pad than the joints without the CNT-Ag composite pad. While the flip-chip joints with the CNT-Ag composite pad exhibited average contact resistances of , , and at bonding pressures of 25 MPa, 50 MPa, and 100 MPa, the flip-chip joints without the CNT-Ag composite pad had an average contact resistance of , , and at each bonding pressure.
stretchable packaging;flexible packaging;CNT-metal;flip chip;contact resistance;
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