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A Study of Joint Reliability According to Various Cu Contents between Electrolytic Ni and Electroless Ni Pad Finish
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A Study of Joint Reliability According to Various Cu Contents between Electrolytic Ni and Electroless Ni Pad Finish
Lee, Hyun Kyu; Chun, Myung Ho; Chu, Yong Chul; Oh, Kum-Sool;
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It has been used various pad finish materials to enhance the reliability of solder joint and recently Electroless Ni Electroless Pd Immersion Gold (the following : ENEPIG) pad has been used more than others. This study is about reliability according to being used in commercial Electrolytic Ni pad and ENEPIG pad, and was observed behavior of various Cu contents. After reflow, the inter-metallic compound (IMC) between solder and pad is composed of (Ni substituted) by using EDS, and in case of ENEPIG, between IMC and Ni layer was observed the dark layer ( layer). Additional, it could be controlled the thickness of dark layer according to Cu contents. Investigated the different fracture mode between electrolytic Ni and ENEPIG pad after drop shock test, in case of soft Ni, accelerated stress propagated along the interface between IMC and IMC, and in case of ENEPIG pad, accelerated stress propagated along the weaken surface such as dark layer. The unstable interface exists through IMC, pad material and solder bulk by the lattice mismatch, so that the thermal and physical stress due to the continuous exterior impact is transferred to the IMC interface. Therefore, it is strongly requested to control solder morphology, IMC shape and thickness to improve the solder reliability.
High Cu;ENEPIG;drop;IMC;;
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그래핀을 이용한 전자패키징 기술 연구 동향,고용호;최경곤;김상우;유동열;방정환;김택수;

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