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Effect of Interface on Thermal Conductivity of Clad Metal through Thickness Direction for Heat Sink
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Interface on Thermal Conductivity of Clad Metal through Thickness Direction for Heat Sink
Kim, Jong-Gu; Kim, Dong-Yong; Kim, Hyun; Hahn, Byung-Dong; Cho, Young-Rae;
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A study on thermal properties for a single-layer metal and a 2-ply metal (clad metals) was investigated for the application of heat sink. For the single-layer metal, a stainless steel (STS) and an aluminum (Al) were selected. Also, a roll bonded clad metal with STS and Al was chosen for the 2-ply metal. The thermal conductivity of the sample was obtained from the thermal diffusivity measured by the light flash analysis (LFA), specific heat and density. Measured thermal property values were compared with the calculated values using the data from the references. For the single-layer metal, measured values for the thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity were smaller than calculated values. Differences between measured and calculated values were about 6% and 18% for the STS and Al samples, respectively. For the clad metals, however, a large difference (55%) was observed. Here, a relatively small thermal conductivity measured by LFA was due to the existence of a interface between STS and Al in the clad metal. Such a interface reduces the moving velocity of free electrons and phonons in the clad metal. For the development of a high performance heat-issipation module with the multi-layer structure, the control of interface properties which determine thermal properties was confirmed to be important.
thermal diffusivity;thermal conductivity;heat sink;clad metal;
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알루미늄 기판에 스크린 인쇄한 AlN 후막의 두께 방향으로 열전도도 평가,김종구;박홍석;김현;한병동;조영래;

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