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A Review of Ag Paste Bonding for Automotive Power Device Packaging
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 Title & Authors
A Review of Ag Paste Bonding for Automotive Power Device Packaging
Roh, Myong-Hoon; Nishikawa, Hiroshi; Jung, Jae-Pil;
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Lead-free bonding has attracted significant attention for automotive power device packaging due to the upcoming environmental regulations. Silver (Ag) is one of the prime candidates for alternative of high Pb soldering owing to its superior electrical and thermal conductivity, low temperature sinterability, and high melting temperature after bonding. In this paper, the bonding technology by Ag paste was introduced. We classified into two Ag paste bonding according to applied pressure, and each bonding described in detail including recent studies.
Automotive power device packaging;Power module;Lead-free bonding;Ag paste;
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