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Study of On-chip Liquid Cooling in Relation to Micro-channel Design
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 Title & Authors
Study of On-chip Liquid Cooling in Relation to Micro-channel Design
Won, Yonghyun; Kim, Sungdong; Kim, Sarah Eunkyung;
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The demand for multi-functionality, high density, high performance, and miniaturization of IC devices has caused the technology paradigm shift for electronic packaging. So, thermal management of new packaged chips becomes a bottleneck for the performance of next generation devices. Among various thermal solutions such as heat sink, heat spreader, TIM, thermoelectric cooler, etc. on-chip liquid cooling module was investigated in this study. Micro-channel was fabricated on Si wafer using a deep reactive ion etching, and 3 different micro-channel designs (straight MC, serpentine MC, zigzag MC) were formed to evalute the effectiveness of liquid cooling. At the heating temperature of and coolant flow rate of 150ml/min, straight MC showed the high temperature differential of after liquid cooling. The shape of liquid flowing through micro-channel was observed by fluorescence microscope, and the temperarue differential of liquid cooling module was measuremd by IR microscope.
Liquid cooling;Thermal management;Micro-channel;direct cooing;
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금속 범프와 마이크로 채널 액체 냉각 구조를 이용한 소자의 열 관리 연구,원용현;김성동;김사라은경;

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