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A Study on Thermal Behavior and Reliability Characteristics of PCBs with a Carbon CCL
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Thermal Behavior and Reliability Characteristics of PCBs with a Carbon CCL
Cho, Seunghyun; Kim, Jeong-Cheol; Kang, Suk Won; Seong, Il; Bae, Kyung Yun;
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In this paper, the Thermal behavior and reliability characteristics of carbon CCL (Copper Claded Layer), which can be used as the core of HDI (High Density Interconnection) PCB (Printed Circuit Board) are evaluated through experiments and numerical analysis using CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software. For the characterization of the carbon CCL, it is compared with the conventional FR-4 core and Heavy Cu core. From research results, the deformation amount of the flexure strength of PCB is the highest with pitch grade carbon and thermal behavior of PCB is lowest as temperature increases. In addition, TC (Thermal Cycling), LLTS (Liquid-to-Liquid Thermal Shock) and Humidity tests have been applied in the PCB with carbon core and the reliability of PCB with carbon core is confirmed through reliability tests. Also, possibility of uneven surface of the via hole and wear of the drill bit due to the carbon fibers are analyzed. surface of the via hole is uniform, the surface of the drill bit is smooth. Therefore, it is proved that the carbon CCL has the drilling workability of the same level as conventional core material.
Thermal Deformation;Warpage;Reliability;Drilling;FEM;Carbon;FR-4;Heavy cu;PCB;
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