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A Method for Application of Ammonium-based Pretreatment Solution in Preparation of Copper Flakes Coated by Electroless Ag Plating
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A Method for Application of Ammonium-based Pretreatment Solution in Preparation of Copper Flakes Coated by Electroless Ag Plating
Kim, Ji Hwan; Lee, Jong-Hyun;
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In order to prepare a low-cost conductive filler material possessing improved anti-oxidation property, Ag-coated Cu flakes were fabricated and the effects of an applying method of ammonium-based pretreatment solution on the Cu flakes were analyzed. The pretreatment solution was used to remove the surface oxide layer on Cu flake. During a single-stage pretreatment process, hole-shaped defects were formed on the flake surface during the pretreatment after 2 min, and the number and size increased in proportion to the pretreatment time. In the case that Ag plating solution was injected in the pretreatment solution after the pretreatment for 2 min, the defects were also formed during Ag plating. In contrast, the defects tremendous decreased in the case that the pretreatment solution was removed after the first pretreatment for 2 min and the Ag plating proceeded after the second pretratment using a low concentration pretreatment solution. As the final result, the 15 wt% Ag-coated Cu flake sample which was fabricated using the single-stage pretreatment oxidized at , but the sample fabricated by the double-stage pretreatment oxidized at , indicating definitely improved anti-oxidation property.
Ag-coated Cu flake;conductive filler;electroless silver plating;pretreatment;anti-oxidation;
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무전해 도금에 의한 은코팅 구리 플레이크의 제조에서 전처리 공정 및 환원제 양의 영향,오상주;김지환;이종현;

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