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Cu Electroplating and Low Alpha Solder Bumping on TSV for 3-D Packaging
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 Title & Authors
Cu Electroplating and Low Alpha Solder Bumping on TSV for 3-D Packaging
Jung, Do hyun; Kumar, Santosh; Jung, Jae pil;
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Research and application of three dimensional packaging technology in electronics have been increasing according to the trend of high density, high capacity and light weight in electronics. In this paper, TSV fabrication and research trend in three dimensional packaging are reported. Low alpha solder bumping which can solve the soft error problem in electronics is also introduced. In detail, this paper includes fabrication of TSV, functional layers deposition, Cu filling in TSV by electroplating using PPR (periodic pulse reverse) and 3 step PPR processes, and low alpha solder bumping on TSV by solder ball. TSV and low alpha solder bumping technologies need more studies and improvements, and the drawbacks of three dimensional packaging can be solved gradually through continuous attentions and researches.
three dimensional packaging;TSV (Through Silicon Via);Cu filling;low alpha;solder bumping;
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