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Study on the Relationship between Concentration of JGB and Current Density in TSV Copper filling
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 Title & Authors
Study on the Relationship between Concentration of JGB and Current Density in TSV Copper filling
Jang, Se-Hyun; Choi, Kwang-Seong; Lee, Jae-Ho;
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The requirement for success of via filling is its ability to fill via holes completely without producing voids or seams. Defect free via filling was obtained by optimizing plating conditions such as current mode, current density and additives. However, byproducts stemming from the breakdown of these organic additives reduce the lifetime of the devices and plating solutions. In this study, the relationship between JGB and current density on the copper via filling was investigated without the addition of other additives to minimize the contamination of copper via. AR 4 with diameter via were used for this study. The pulse current was used for the electroplating of copper and the current densities were varied from 10 to and the concentrations of JGB were varied from 0 to 25 ppm. The map for the JGB concentration and current density was developed. And the optimum conditions for the AR 4 via filling with diameter were obtained.
via filling;copper electroplating;leveler;JGB;current density;
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