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Warpage of Flexible OLED under High Temperature Reliability Test
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 Title & Authors
Warpage of Flexible OLED under High Temperature Reliability Test
Lee, Mi-Kyoung; Suh, Il-Woong; Jung, Hoon-Sun; Lee, Jung-Hoon; Choa, Sung-Hoon;
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Flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) devices consist of multi-stacked thin films or layers comprising organic and inorganic materials. Due to thermal coefficient mismatch of the multi-layer films, warpage of the flexible OLED is generated during high temperature process of each layer. This warpage will create the critical issues for next production process, consequently lowering the production yield and reliability of the flexible OLED. In this study, we investigate the warpage behavior of the flexible OLED for each bonding process step of the multi-layer films using the experimental and numerical analysis. It is found that the polarizer film and barrier film show significant impact on warpage of flexible OLED, while the impact of the OCA film on warpage is negligible. The material that has the most dominant impact on the warpage is a plastic cover. In order to minimize the warpage of the flexible OLED, we estimate the optimal material properties of the plastic cover using design of experiment. It is found that the warpage of the flexible OLED is reduced to less than 1 mm using a cover plastic of optimized properties which are the elastic modulus of 4.2 GPa and thermal expansion coefficient of .
flexible organic light-emitting diode;multi-layer;warpage;numerical simulation;
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유연 기판 위 적층 필름의 굽힘 탄성계수 측정,이태익;김철규;김민성;김택수;

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