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Effects of Static Contact Angle and Roughness on Rolling Resistance of Droplet
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Static Contact Angle and Roughness on Rolling Resistance of Droplet
Cho, Won Kyoung; Cho, Sang Uk; Kim, Doo-In; Kim, Dae-Up; Jeong, Myung Yung;
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In this study, the effects of the contact angle (CA) and contact angle hyteresis (CAH) of planar and nano-patterned surfaces on rolling resistance of water droplet were studied. Based on the investigation on the CAH of water droplet on surfaces with various static wettability, it was found that the rolling resistance coefficient of water droplet is highly influenced by the surface pattern as well as CAH. The observed results suggest that the optimal surface patterns should be designed in order to minimize the rolling resistance of water droplet for the practical applications where superhydrophocitiy is required.
Superhydrophobicity;Contact angle hysteresis;Rolling resistance;Rolling resistance coefficient;
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반사방지 나노구조의 성형성과 광학적 특성에 대한 이형 온도의 영향,여나은;심영보;조상욱;김두인;김기남;장경수;정명영;

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