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Elastic and Superhydrophobic Monolithic Methyltrimethoxysilane-based Silica Aerogels by Two-step Sol-gel Process
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 Title & Authors
Elastic and Superhydrophobic Monolithic Methyltrimethoxysilane-based Silica Aerogels by Two-step Sol-gel Process
Mahadik, D.B.; Jung, Hae-Noo-Ree; Lee, Yoon Kwang; Lee, Kyu-Yeon; Park, Hyung-Ho;
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The flexible and superhydrophobic properties of silica aerogels are extremely important material for thermal insulation and oil spill cleanup applications for their long-term use. Flexible silica aerogels were synthesized by using a two-step sol-gel process with precursors, methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) followed by supercritical drying. Silica aerogels were prepared at different molar ratio of methanol to MTMS (M). It was observed that the silica aerogels prepared at M
Silica aerogel;flexible;hydrophobic;methytrimethoxysilane;sol-gel process;
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