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Trends of Researches and Technologies of Electronic Packaging Using Graphene
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 Title & Authors
Trends of Researches and Technologies of Electronic Packaging Using Graphene
Ko, Yong-Ho; Choi, Kyeonggon; Kim, Sang Woo; Yu, Dong-Yurl; Bang, Junghwan; Kim, Taek-Soo;
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This paper reports the trends of researches and technologies of electronic packaging using graphene. Electronic packaging is to provide the signal and electrical current among electronic components, to remove the heat in electronic systems or components, to protect and support the electronic components from external environment. As the required functions and performances of electronic systems or components increase, the electronic packaging has been intensively attracted attention. Therefore, technologies such as miniaturization, high density, Pb-free material, high reliability, heat dissipation and so on, are required in electronic packaging. Recently, graphene, which is a single two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms, has been extensively investigated because of its superior mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Until now, many studies have been reported the applications using graphene such as flexible display, electrode, super capacitor, composite materials and so on. In this paper, we will introduce and discuss various studies on recent technologies of electronic packaging using graphene for solving the required issues.
Electronic packaging;Graphene;Electronic system;Pb-free;Reliability;
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유연기판 위에 제작된 Silver Nanowire 필름의 기계 및 전기적 신뢰성 연구,이요셉;이원재;박진영;좌성훈;

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