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Manufacturing Technology for Tape Casting and Soft Magnetic Powder Using by Recycling Scrap of Fe-Si Electrical Sheet
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 Title & Authors
Manufacturing Technology for Tape Casting and Soft Magnetic Powder Using by Recycling Scrap of Fe-Si Electrical Sheet
Hong, Won Sik; Kim, Sang Hyun; Park, Ji-Yeon; Oh, Chulmin; Lee, Woo Sung; Kim, Seung Gyeom; Han, Sang Jo; Shim, Geum Taek; Kim, Hwi-Jun;
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This study focused on examining the possibility for recycling of Fe-Si electric sheet. We manufactured Fe-6.5Si mother alloy using by Fe-Si electric sheet scrap for transformer core materials. And then, soft magnetic alloy powder which diameter and shape were and sphere type was prepared by gas atomization process. As we compared to commercial Fe-6.5Si powder, its diameter distribution and microstructure of recycled powder was a similar. To investigate the possibility of reusing the soft magnetic composite sheet for electronics, recycled powder was treated to have a high aspect ratio (AR), and we finally obtained the 65~66 AR and thickness powder. To release the residual stress of powder, heat treatment was conducted under , gas. And then, soft magnetic sheet was made by tape casting process using by those powders. After the density and permeability of tape was measured, and we confirmed that the recycled Fe-Si electric sheet scrap was possible to reuse the soft magnetic materials of electronics.
Fe-Si;Electrical sheet;Scrap;Soft magnetic;Tape casting;Recycling;
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