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IC Thermal Management Using Microchannel Liquid Cooling Structure with Various Metal Bumps
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 Title & Authors
IC Thermal Management Using Microchannel Liquid Cooling Structure with Various Metal Bumps
Won, Yonghyun; Kim, Sungdong; Kim, Sarah Eunkyung;
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An increase in the transistor density of integrated circuit devices leads to a very high increase in heat dissipation density, which causes a long-term reliability and various thermal problems in microelectronics. In this study, liquid cooling method was investigated using straight microchannels with various metal bumps. Microchannels were fabricated on Si wafer using deep reactive ion etching (DRIE), and Ag, Cu, or Cr/Au/Cu metal bumps were placed on Si wafer by a screen printing method. The surface temperature of liquid cooling structures with various metal bumps was measured by infrared (IR) microscopy. For liquid cooling with Cr/Au/Cu bumps, the surface temperature difference before and after liquid cooling was and the power density drop was at heating temperature.
Liquid cooling;Thermal management;Microchannel;On-chip cooling;
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