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Effects of Demolding Temperature on Formability and Optical Properties of Anti-reflective Nanostructure
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Demolding Temperature on Formability and Optical Properties of Anti-reflective Nanostructure
Yeo, N.E.; Shim, Y.B.; Cho, S.U.; Kim, D.I.; Kim, K.N.; Jang, K.S.; Jeong, M.Y.;
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In this study, effects of demolding temperature (DT) on the formability and optical properties were evaluated in order to optimize thermal nanoimprint lithography for anti-reflective film. Characterization on optical property showed that optical performance was gradually enhanced as the DT increased up to while the transmittance and the reflectance was degraded as the DT increased further to . In addition, similar behavior was observed from formability analysis. It was contributed to the formation of free volume and viscose flow. Therefore, it was concluded that the formability and optical property are highly influenced by the formation of free volume and viscous flow of polymer depending on the DT.
Nano imprint lithography;Polymer viscosity;Demolding temperature;
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