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An Analysis of the Changes in Bone Mineral Density in Long-Stay Patients of a Geriatric Hospital in Relation to Physical Therapy
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 Title & Authors
An Analysis of the Changes in Bone Mineral Density in Long-Stay Patients of a Geriatric Hospital in Relation to Physical Therapy
Lee, Sang-Min; Kim, Soon-Hee; Kim, Ji-Sung; Wang, Joong-San; Kim, Sung-Won; Kim, Nyeon-Jun; Lee, Sook-Hee; Min, Kyoung-Ok;
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The purpose of this study is to examine the changes in bone mineral density in long-stay patients of a geriatric hospital in relation to physical therapy, thereby providing basic data for preventing the onset or deterioration of osteoporosis in inpatients of geriatric hospitals or relevant facilities. The subjects of this study were 133 elderly patients who had been in H geriatric hospital in Yongin-si for more than four years. Their bone mineral density T-scores at admission and those after four years were measured to compare and analyze the changes in bone mineral density in relation to physical therapy. According to the results, the decrease in T-score for the group without physical therapy was greater by .40 than that for the group with physical therapy, indicating a statistically significant difference between the two groups(p<.01). Accordingly, physical therapy proved to be effective in preventing bone mineral density loss and maintaining the current density.
Bone Mineral Density;T-score;Physical Therapy;Geriatric Hospital;
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