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A Study on the Transition and Classification of Somatotyping
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Transition and Classification of Somatotyping
Choi, Wan Suk; Moon, Ok Kon; Choi, Jung Hyun; Kim, Bo Kyoung; Wang, Joong San; Kim, Hong Rae; Park, Joo Hyun; Song, Young Hwa; Hwang, Hyun Sook; Kim, Soon Hee;
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Experts of medicine, philosophy and psychology found that human somatotypes were related to personality or physical characteristics and classified somatotypes into various forms. This study explored the changes and types of somatotyping methods from Before Christ to present day and identified the status of studies of somatotypes in the area of physical therapy. This study covered the methods applied in various majors with a focus on those provided in books and papers of Heath BH. and Carter JEL. Based on the results, there are officially twelve assessment methods. Currently, the method of Heath & Carter is most widely applied. Somatotypes are studied in many areas. It is actively explored in the area of pain physical therapy, thermotherapy and integumentary physical therapy. Also, the soft tissue physical therapy area seeks interdisciplinary studies. This study found that there were various assessment methods in diverse areas. It is likely that continuous studies will develop new assessment methods. It is hoped that in the area of physical therapy, somatotypes shall be applied more amply.
Somatotype;Somatotyping;Physical Therapy;Assessment Method;
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