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The Influence of Flip-flops Gait on the Muscle Activity of Tibilalis anterior and Gastrocnemius
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 Title & Authors
The Influence of Flip-flops Gait on the Muscle Activity of Tibilalis anterior and Gastrocnemius
Choi, Jung Hyun; Song, Mi Ri; Lee, Joong Hyun; Kim, Hong Rae; Park, Si Eun; Kim, Ji Sung; Kwak, Dae Young; Lee, Sang Bin; Kim, Nyeon Jun; Koo, Ja Pung; Kim, Soon Hee;
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The fact that flip-flops, one of many different types of unstable shoes, are light and relatively easy to put on, accounts for their popularity among people. But because flip-flops rely heavily on the support of a single thong between your first and second toes, they impose a huge amount of pressure onto lower leg. Thus in the following experiment we tried to examine the different effects of flip-flops and running shoes in terms of their effect on muscle activity and fatigue of tibialis anterior and gastrocnemius during walking. In order to measure an electromyogram we used Free EMG system. 10 men and 10 women in running shoes ran on treadmills for 15 minutes at 4.8km/h, 2 days later the same experiment was carried out, but this time, in flip-flops. p value turned out to be greater than .05 and thus there was no considerable difference between the effects of flip-flops and running shoes on muscle activity and fatigue during walking. Therefore we conclude that despite the fact that flip-flops are considered unstable, their effects on muscle activity and fatigue of tibialis anterior and gastrocnemius are negligible.
Flip-Flops;Walking;Muscle Activity;Muscle Fatigue;Lower Leg;
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