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The Influence of Physical Therapy on the Changes in Clinical Dementia Rating Scale in Long-stay Elderly Patients
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 Title & Authors
The Influence of Physical Therapy on the Changes in Clinical Dementia Rating Scale in Long-stay Elderly Patients
Kim, Ji Sung;
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This study was carried out to identify the influence of continuous physical therapy on long-stay elderly patients. This study classified 92 patients who had been hospitalized for one year into experimental group who continued to perform physical therapy and control group who did not conduct physical therapy and these two groups were classified into 0.5 point-questionable group, 1 point-mild dementia group, and 2 point-moderate dementia group based on the Clinical Dementia Rating Scale(CDR) when they were hospitalized in order to analyze the changes at the early stage of hospitalization and after one year has passed. As a result, it was appeared that both in CDR 0.5-point subgroup of questionable group and in CDR 1-point subgroup of mild dementia group, CDR was statistically significantly reduced in the experimental group whose physical therapy was continuously performed than in the control group whose physical therapy was not performed(p<.05) and that there was no significant difference in changes in the CDR between experimental group and control group in CDR 2-point group, which is a moderate dementia group.
Dementia;Cognitive Function;Clinical Dementia Rating Scale;
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