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The Effects of Ankle Strengthening Training and Whole Body Vibration on the Balance of Older Adults Who Have Experienced a Fall
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 Title & Authors
The Effects of Ankle Strengthening Training and Whole Body Vibration on the Balance of Older Adults Who Have Experienced a Fall
Choi, Jung Hyun; An, Ho Jung;
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This study observed the effects of ankle strengthening exercise and whole body vibration on the balance ability of older adults, thereby intending to provide basic materials for intervention methods aimed at improving older adults' balance ability. The subjects were 20 older adults who had experienced a fall. They were equally divided into two groups. Ankle strengthening training was applied to one group and ankle strengthening training and whole body vibration were applied to the other group, a timed up and go (TUG) test and Tinetti performance oriented mobility assessment (POMA) were performed, and changes in the subjects' limits of stability were observed. The TUG and POMA results significantly differed between before and after the experiment in the angle strengthening training (AST) group and the angle strengthening training with whole body vibration (ASTWV) group. In addition, the interaction between timing and each group was statistically significant. The limits of stability significantly changed after the intervention in both groups. Differences in the posterior and right limits of stability were significant between the AST group and ASTWV group. Therefore, ankle strengthening exercise and whole body vibration improve older adults' balance maintenance and reduce falls or the risk factors for falls in older adults.
Whole Body Vibration;Ankle Strengthening Training;Older Adults;
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