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Changes in pain, swelling, and range of motion according to physical therapy intervention after total knee arthroplasty in elderly patients
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 Title & Authors
Changes in pain, swelling, and range of motion according to physical therapy intervention after total knee arthroplasty in elderly patients
Noh, Eun-Kyung; An, Chang-Sik;
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Objective: This study was carried out to compare changes in pain, swelling and range of motion (ROM) between the two groups according to physical therapy intervention. Design: Randomized controlled trial. Methods: There were a total of 20 elderly subjects ages 65-75 years old who have been admitted to the hospital for a total knee arthroplasty. After surgery, the experimental group (n=10) carried out quadriceps femoris muscle strengthening exercise, hamstring stretching exercises and gastrocnemius stretching exercise with a physical therapist for 30 minutes and additionally, received ice pack therapy for 20 minutes once a day. The control group (n=10) carried out continuous passive motion for 30 minutes and received ice pack therapy for 20 minutes once a day. The experimental group and control group carried out each intervention program for 2 weeks 3 times a week. The Visual Analogue Scale was used to assess pain, tape measurements were taken to assess swelling, and a steel goniometer was used to assess knee joint ROM. Results: As a result, the experimental group showed a statistically significant decrease in the pain and swelling, and a significant increase in knee flexion ROM after the intervention, compared to the control group (p<0.05). There was a significant improvement in pain, edema, and knee flexion and extension ROM in all subjects after intervention (p<0.05). Conclusions: According the results of this study, exercise in the experimental group is effect on the pain, swelling and ROM for total knee arthroplasty.
Exercise;Pain;Range of motion;Total knee arthroplasty;
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