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Reliability and validity of rasterstereography measurement for spinal alignment in healthy subjects
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 Title & Authors
Reliability and validity of rasterstereography measurement for spinal alignment in healthy subjects
Yi, Yoon-Sil; Yoo, Seul-Ki; Lee, Da-Gam; Park, Dae-Sung;
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Objective: The Back Mapper is one type of Rasterstereography and it can be used in the clinic without radiation exposure. The purpose of our study was to prove the reliability and validity of the Back Mapper and to compare it with the Spinal Mouse, which is an assessment tool for spinal curvatures using a wheeled mouse, and the Cobb angle by X-ray. Design: Cross-sectional study. Methods: Twenty healthy adults participated in the test to investigate for the inter-rater reliability, intra-rater reliability, and concurrent validity. The tests were performed with assessment devices for scoliosis such as the Back Mapper, Spinal Mouse and Cobb`s angle. Data was analyzed by an intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) value and a standard error of measurement for reliability and correlation analysis for validity. Results: Intra-rater reliability of the Back Mapper was good (Cronbach`s
Cobb angle;Rasterstereography;Scoliosis;Validity and reliability;
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