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HSV Color Model based Hand Contour Detector Robust to Noise
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 Title & Authors
HSV Color Model based Hand Contour Detector Robust to Noise
Chae, Soohwan; Jun, Kyungkoo;
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This paper proposes the hand contour detector which is robust to noises. Existing methods reduce noises by applying morphology to extracted edges, detect finger tips by using the center of hands, or exploit the intersection of curves from hand area candidates based on J-value segmentation(JSEG). However, these approaches are so vulnerable to noises that are prone to detect non-hand parts. We propose the noise tolerant hand contour detection method in which non-skin area noises are removed by applying skin area detection, contour detection, and a threshold value. By using the implemented system, we observed that the system was successfully able to detect hand contours.
Contour Detector;Hand Contour;Robust;
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