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Accurate Registration Method of 3D Facial Scan Data and CBCT Data using Distance Map
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 Title & Authors
Accurate Registration Method of 3D Facial Scan Data and CBCT Data using Distance Map
Lee, Jeongjin;
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In this paper, we propose a registration method of 3d facial scan data and CBCT data using voxelization and distance map. First, two data sets are initially aligned by exploiting the voxelization of 3D facial scan data and the information of the center of mass. Second, a skin surface is extracted from 3D CBCT data by segmenting air and skin regions. Third, the positional and rotational differences between two images are accurately aligned by performing the rigid registration for the distance minimization of two skin surfaces. Experimental results showed that proposed registration method correctly aligned 3D facial scan data and CBCT data for ten patients. Our registration method might give useful clinical information for the oral surgery planning and the diagnosis of the treatment effects after an oral surgery.
Cone-beam Computed Tomography;Facial Scan;Rigid Registration;Voxelization;Distance Map;
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