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Enhanced Hybrid Multi Electrical Cupping System using S-PI Controller
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 Title & Authors
Enhanced Hybrid Multi Electrical Cupping System using S-PI Controller
Kim, Jong-Chan; Kim, CheeYong;
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In the paper, we suggest bettered EHMECS(Enhanced Hybrid Multi Electrical Cupping System) to regulate automatically vacuum pressure using many cupping cup at once. We controlled accurately the pressure using S-PI control technique in pump motor to input the air inside cupping cup. S-PI control compared constant velocity, load and velocity variance between existing PI and FLC(Fuzzy Logic Control). The stabilization time of suggested S-PI control improve 20% of existing PI and 8% of FLC. The error constant of normal condition improved 71% of existing PI and 62% of FLC in steady speed and 80% of existing PI and 67% of FLC in load change. Also the error constant about velocity variance improve 45% of PI control. It is prove the suggested S-PI control technique. When use long time vacuum pressure of cupping cup regulated the suggested S-PI control technique, can loosen knotted muscles.
Cupping System;Velocity Variance;S-PI Controller;Hybrid Multi Electrical;
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