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Controversy and Guideline Suggestion Surrounding Fake News in the Digital Media Age
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 Title & Authors
Controversy and Guideline Suggestion Surrounding Fake News in the Digital Media Age
Kwon, Mahnwoo; Jun, Yong Woo; Im, Hajin;
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Distinguishing border between news and advertising is disappearing. Traditional journalism considered editorial part deals news and ad part handle commercial messages. But now this classification is meaningless. Current news consumers do not separate advertising content and non-advertising content. In Korea, making fake news or paid news pages is becoming social problem. Fake news uses various camouflages to pretend to be real news. This paper descriptively analyzed Korean fake news cases and suggested some guidelines for publishing news. We analyzed 3 major newspaper web sites from July to September, 2014. These three newspapers publish section pages everyday containing fake news or sponsored news. Totally more than one thousand articles were selected for content analysis. We coded the numbers of fake news, day of the week, the rate of sponsored news, average fake news publication number per pages, the conformity between news and advertising, and the type of fake news. We also coded the number of sponsored news article in day sections. We used method of comparing the advertising contents and news articles. As a result, 24.8% of news article were published for the advertising sponsors. Advertorial or fake news were sometimes arranged same pages the same day. We coded the conformity between same advertising and news content. More than 60 percent (60.9%) of fake news match with their sponsors. PR style of fake news is top and advertising type of fake news is the lowest.
Fake News;Advertorial;Paid News;News Content;
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