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Development of Image-based System for Multiple Fluorescence Imaging Study
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 Title & Authors
Development of Image-based System for Multiple Fluorescence Imaging Study
Yoon, WoongBae; Kim, Hong Rae; Lee, Hyun Min; Kim, Young Jae; Kim, Kwang Gi; Yoo, Heon; Lee, Seung Hoon;
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In these days, fluorescent materials such as ICG or 5-ALA is used for the brain surgery. The patients who underwent brain tumor surgery has been increased during last 30 years and the survivorship rate increased 22∼33% in 5 years. Recently, the Fluorescence induction surgery is developed for more safety and improved the resection rate for the glioma in the neurosurgery field. In this study, we proposed fluorescence area detection method for ICG and 5-ALA fluorescence induced surgery using acquired images from image processing. Accuracy was 99.21% from ICG images, and 99.51% from 5-ALA images. Matthews correlation coefficient was 88.67% from ICG images, and 90.49% from 5-ALA images.
Fluorescence Imaging;5-ALA;ICG;Brain Tumor;Surgical Microscope;
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