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Image Encryption Based on One Dimensional Nonlinear Group Cellular Automata
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 Title & Authors
Image Encryption Based on One Dimensional Nonlinear Group Cellular Automata
Choi, Un-Sook; Cho, Sung-Jin; Kim, Tae-Hong;
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Pixel values of original image can be changed by XORing pixel values of original image and pixel values of the basis image obtained by pseudo random sequences. This is a simple method for image encryption. This method is an effect method for easy hardware implementation and image encryption with high speed. In this paper we propose a method to obtain basis image with pseudo random sequences with large nonlinearity using nonlinear cellular automata and maximum length linear cellular automata. And experimental results showed that the proposed image encryption scheme has large key space and low correlation of adjacent cipher pixel values.
Image Encryption;Group Cellular Automata;Nonlinear Cellular Automata;Pseudo Random Sequences;Basis Image;
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