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TFT-LCD Defect Detection based on Histogram Distribution Modeling
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 Title & Authors
TFT-LCD Defect Detection based on Histogram Distribution Modeling
Gu, Eunhye; Park, Kil-Houm; Lee, Jong-Hak; Ryu, Gang-Soo; Kim, Jungjoon;
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TFT-LCD automatic defect inspection system for detecting defects in place of the visual tester does pre-processing, candidate defect pixel detection, and recognition and classification through a blob analysis. An over-detection result of defects acts as an undue burden of blob analysis for recognition and classification. In this paper, we propose defect detection method based on the histogram distribution modeling of TFT-LCD image to minimize over-detection of candidate defective pixels. Primary defect candidate pixels are detected estimating the skewness of the luminance distribution histogram of the background pixels. Based on the detected defect pixels, the defective pixels other than noise pixels are detected using the distribution histogram model of the local area. Experimental results confirm that the proposed method shows an excellent defect detection result on the image containing the various types of defects and the reduction of the degree of over-detection as well.
Histogram;Distribution Modeling;Defect Detection;Skewness;Local Region;
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