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Selective Encryption Scheme for Vector Map Data using Chaotic Map
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 Title & Authors
Selective Encryption Scheme for Vector Map Data using Chaotic Map
Bang, N.V.; Moon, Kwang-Seok; Lim, Sanghun; Lee, Suk-Hwan; Kwon, Ki-Ryong;
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With the rapid interest in Geographic Information System (GIS) contents, a large volume of valuable GIS dataset has been distributed illegally by pirates, hackers, or unauthorized users. Therefore the problem focus on how to protect the copyright of GIS vector map data for storage and transmission. But GIS vector map data is very large and current data encryption techniques often encrypt all components of data. That means we have encrypted large amount of data lead to the long encrypting time and high complexity computation. This paper presents the selective encryption scheme using hybrid transform for GIS vector map data protection to store, transmit or distribute to authorized users. In proposed scheme, polylines and polygons in vector map are targets of selective encryption. We select the significant objects in polyline/polygon layer, and then they are encrypted by the key sets generated by using Chaotic map before changing them in DWT, DFT domain. Experimental results verified the proposed algorithm effectively and error in decryption is approximately zero.
GIS Vector Map;Selective Encryption;DWT;DFT;Chaotic Map;
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