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Efficient Top-K Queries Computation for Encrypted Data in the Cloud
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 Title & Authors
Efficient Top-K Queries Computation for Encrypted Data in the Cloud
Kim, Jong Wook;
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With growing popularity of cloud computing services, users can more easily manage massive amount of data by outsourcing them to the cloud, or more efficiently analyse large amount of data by leveraging IT infrastructure provided by the cloud. This, however, brings the security concerns of sensitive data. To provide data security, it is essential to encrypt sensitive data before uploading it to cloud computing services. Although data encryption helps provide data security, it negatively affects the performance of massive data analytics because it forbids the use of index and mathematical operation on encrypted data. Thus, in this paper, we propose a novel algorithm which enables to efficiently process a large amount of encrypted data. In particular, we propose a novel top-k processing algorithm on the massive amount of encrypted data in the cloud computing environments, and verify the performance of the proposed approach with real data experiments.
Cloud Computing;Encryption;Top-k Query;
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