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A Color Correction Method for High-Dynamic-Range Images Based on Human Visual Perception
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 Title & Authors
A Color Correction Method for High-Dynamic-Range Images Based on Human Visual Perception
Choi, Ho-Hyoung; Song, Jae-Wook; Jung, Na-Ra; Kang, Hyun-Soo;
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For last several decades, the color correction methods have been proposed for HDR(high dynamic range) images. However, color distortion problems take place after correcting the colors such as halos, dominant color as well known. Accordingly, this article presents a novel approach in which the method consists of tone-mapping method and cone response function. In the proposed method, the tone mapping method is used to improve the contrast in the given HDR image based on chromatic and achromatic based on the CIEXYZ tristimulus value, expressed in c/m2. The cone response function is used to deal with mismatch between corrected image and displayed image as well as to estimate various human visual effects based on the CMCAT2000 color appearance model. The experimental results show that the proposed method yields better performance of color correction over the conventional method in subjective and quantitative quality, and color reproduction.
HDR Image;CIEXYZ Tristimulus Value;Halo Artifact;Chromatic and Achromatic Colors;Tone Mapping;Cone Response Function;
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