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Developing the Core Modules of for Viz-Platform for Supporting Public Service in the City
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Developing the Core Modules of for Viz-Platform for Supporting Public Service in the City
Kim, Mi-Yun;
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The purpose of this research is creating the visualization platform of the user interface to make able to be provide the demanded service while users communication with surrounding space in a smart city environment. This comes from the latest enhanced interface technology and social media, and it uses the shares information to support the proper interface environment according to a life style and spatial properties. "EzCity" which is the user interface platform suggested in this research, can control the enormous amount of public data for the smart city. The core module of user platform is made up with Public data module, Interface module, Visualization module and Service module. The role of this platform is to be provide "Geo-Intelligent Interface Service" for space users to access the data in easier and more practical interface environment. This reinforces the visualization process for data collecting, systematization, visualization and providing service. Also this will be expected to be the base to solve the problem which complexity and rapidly increasing amount of data.
The Visualization Platform;Framework Planning;Core Module;Spatial Properties;Geo-Intelligence Interface Service;
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