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Automatic Analysis of Bone Formation in a Mouse Model of Frontal Bone Defect
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 Title & Authors
Automatic Analysis of Bone Formation in a Mouse Model of Frontal Bone Defect
Kang, Sun-Kyung; Jung, Sung-Tae;
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In this paper, we propose a method for automatically analyzing the bone formation in a mouse model of frontal bone defect. We perforate two holes of 0.8mm diameter in the frontal bone and observe the bone formation process using a micro CT. Because the conventional analysis software of the micro CT does not support automatic analysis of the bone formation status, we have to use a manual analysis method. However the manual analysis is very cumbersome and requires a lot of time, we propose an automatic analysis method. It rotates the image around three axes directions so that the mouse`s skull come into regular position. It calculates the cumulative image of the voxel values for the perforated bone surface. It estimates the hole location by finding the darkest point in the cumulative image. The proposed method was applied to 24 CT images of saline administration group and PTH administration group and hole location was estimated. BV/TV index was calculated for the estimated hole to evaluate the bone formation status. Experimental results showed that bone formation process is more active in PTH administration group. The method proposed in this paper could replace successfully the cumbersome and time consuming manual job.
Image Processing;Morphology Operation;Bone Formation;Bone Defect;Automatic Analysis;
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