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Secure Password-based Authentication Method for Mobile Banking Services
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 Title & Authors
Secure Password-based Authentication Method for Mobile Banking Services
Choi, Dongmin; Tak, Dongkil; Chung, Ilyong;
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Moblie device based financial services are vulnerable to social engineering attacks because of the display screen of mobile devices. In other words, in the case of shoulder surfing, attackers can easily look over a user`s shoulder and expose his/her password. To resolve this problem, a colour-based secure keyboard solution has been proposed. However, it is inconvenient for genuine users to verify their password using this method. Furthermore, password colours can be exposed because of fixed keyboard colours. Therefore, we propose a secure mobile authentication method to provide advanced functionality and strong privacy. Our authentication method is robust to social engineering attacks, especially keylogger and shoulder surfing attacks. According to the evaluation results, our method offers increased security and improved usability compared with existing methods.
Virtual Keyboard;Colour-blind;Shoulder Surfing Attack;User Authentication;Social Engineering Attack;
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