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3D Visualization System of Blood Flow Reconstructed using Curvature Estimation
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 Title & Authors
3D Visualization System of Blood Flow Reconstructed using Curvature Estimation
Kwon, Oh-Seo; Yoon, Joseph; Kim, Young-Bong;
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The methodology to visualize the shape of blood vessel and its blood flow have been attracting as a very interesting problem to forecast and examinate a disease in thrombus precursor protein. May previous visualization researches have been appeared for designing the blood vessel and also modeling the blood flow using a doppler imaging technique which is one of nondestructive testing techniques. General visualization methods are to depict the blood flow obtained from doppler effects with fragmentary stream lines and also visualize the blood flow model using volume rendering. However, these visualizeation techniques have the disadvantage which a set of small line segments does not give the overall observation of blood flows. Therefore, we propose a visualization system which reconstruct the continuity of the blood flow obtained from doppler effects and also visualize the blood flow with the vector field of blood particles. This system will use doppler phase difference from medical equipments such as OCT with low penetration and reconstruct the blood flow by the curvature estimation from vector field of each blood particle.
Blood Flow Reconstruction;Volume Rendering;Stream Line;Doppler Effect;
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