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Indoor Location and Pose Estimation Algorithm using Artificial Attached Marker
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 Title & Authors
Indoor Location and Pose Estimation Algorithm using Artificial Attached Marker
Ahn, Byeoung Min; Ko, Yun-Ho; Lee, Ji Hong;
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This paper presents a real-time indoor location and pose estimation method that utilizes simple artificial markers and image analysis techniques for the purpose of warehouse automation. The conventional indoor localization methods cannot work robustly in warehouses where severe environmental changes usually occur due to the movement of stocked goods. To overcome this problem, the proposed framework places artificial markers having different interior pattern on the predefined position of the warehouse floor. The proposed algorithm obtains marker candidate regions from a captured image by a simple binarization and labeling procedure. Then it extracts maker interior pattern information from each candidate region in order to decide whether the candidate region is a true marker or not. The extracted interior pattern information and the outer boundary of the marker are used to estimate location and heading angle of the localization system. Experimental results show that the proposed localization method can provide high performance which is almost equivalent to that of the conventional method using an expensive LIDAR sensor and AMCL algorithm.
Indoor Location Estimation;Indoor Pose Estimation;Indoor Localization;Artificial Marker;Vision-based Localization;
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영상 매칭 기반 실내 장소 안내 모바일 어플리케이션,고승희;양미현;오승현;홍성호;황성수;

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