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A Data Caching Management Scheme for NDN
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 Title & Authors
A Data Caching Management Scheme for NDN
Kim, DaeYoub;
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To enhance network efficiency, named-data networking (NDN) implements data caching functionality on intermediate network nodes, and then the nodes directly respond to request messages for cached data. Through the processing of request messages in intermediate node, NDN can efficiently reduce the amount of network traffic, also solve network congestion problems near data sources. Also, NDN provides a data authenticate mechanism so as to prevent various Internet accidents caused from the absence of an authentication mechanism. Hence, through applying NDN to various smart IT convergence services, it is expected to efficiently control the explosive growth of network traffic as well as to provide more secure services. Basically, it is important factors of NDN which data is cached and where nodes caching data is located in a network topology. This paper first analyzes previous works caching content based on the popularity of the content. Then ii investigates the hitting rate of caches in each node of a network topology, and then propose an improved caching scheme based on the result of the analyzation. Finally, it evaluates the performance of the proposal.
ICN;NDN;Cache Management;Redundancy;
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