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Smart SNS Map: Location-based Social Network Service Data Mapping and Visualization System
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 Title & Authors
Smart SNS Map: Location-based Social Network Service Data Mapping and Visualization System
Yoon, Jangho; Lee, Seunghun; Kim, Hyun-chul;
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Hundreds of millions of new posts and information are being uploaded and propagated everyday on Online Social Networks(OSN) like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. This paper proposes and implements a GPS-location based SNS data mapping, analysis, and visualization system, called Smart SNS Map, which collects SNS data from Twitter and Instagram using hundreds of PlanetLab nodes distributed across the globe. Like no other previous systems, our system uniquely supports a variety of functions, including GPS-location based mapping of collected tweets and Instagram photos, keyword-based tweet or photo searching, real-time heat-map visualization of tweets and instagram photos, sentiment analysis, word cloud visualization, etc. Overall, a system like this, admittedly still in a prototype phase though, is expected to serve a role as a sort of social weather station sooner or later, which will help people understand what are happening around the SNS users, systems, society, and how they feel about them, as well as how they change over time and/or space.
Sentiment Analysis;Word Cloud;Data;Twitter;Instagram;Online Social Networks;GPS;Mapping;
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