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A Study of User Experience from Parallax Scrolling Use on the Web Interface
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 Title & Authors
A Study of User Experience from Parallax Scrolling Use on the Web Interface
Lee, Su Min; Ko, Hye Young;
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In this paper, we compared the user experience according to utilize parallax scrolling technique in web site. For this purpose, we divided subjects into two groups. The subjects of Group1 were given to use web site interface with Parallax scrolling and the Group2 were given to use web site interface with non Parallax scrolling. Then, All Subjects answered the questionnaire of user experience. User experience were evaluated by four entries as Novelty, Esthetics, Usage of Satisfaction, Cheerfulness. Consequently. As a result, the web site interface with Parallax scrolling showed significantly higher score of Novelty, Esthetics, Cheerfulness than the web site interface with non-Parallax scrolling. In this study. we proved that using the parallax scrolling technique in web site interface improves the overall user experience, and suggested to apply as a way to advance the attention and persistency on creating a web site.
Parallax Scrolling;User Experience;Web Interface;Web Interactive;Web Design;
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