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Rotation Invariant Tracking-Learning-Detection System
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 Title & Authors
Rotation Invariant Tracking-Learning-Detection System
Choi, Wonju; Sohn, Kwanghoon;
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In recent years, Tracking-Learning-Detection(TLD) system has been widely used as a detection and tracking algorithm for vision sensors. While conventional algorithms are vulnerable to occlusion, and changes in illumination and appearances, TLD system is capable of robust tracking by conducting tracking, detection, and learning in real time. However, the detection and tracking algorithms of TLD system utilize rotation-variant features, and the margin of tracking error becomes greater when an object makes a full out-of-plane rotation. Thus, we propose a rotation-invariant TLD system(RI-TLD). we propose a simplified average orientation histogram and rotation matrix for a rotation inference algorithm. Experimental results with various tracking tests demonstrate the robustness and efficiency of the proposed system.
Tracking-Learning-Detection;TLD;Rotation Invariant;Simplified Average Orientation Histogram;
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