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A Study on the Visual Experience of Users about Corporate Image and Design Identity from the Perspective of Design Management Strategy - Focus on Design Management Case of KT Communication Service Corporation -
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Visual Experience of Users about Corporate Image and Design Identity from the Perspective of Design Management Strategy - Focus on Design Management Case of KT Communication Service Corporation -
Heo, Jin Ju; Ko, Hye Young; Kang, Leehwan;
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The corporate image is one of the key elements improving competitiveness of the business, and is conveyed to the public through a design management strategy and its activities with design identity. Therefore, it is important to enhance the corporate image through systematic design management. Recently, in the field of communication services, as a technical gap between corporations has been narrowed, and the importance of design has been magnified, more and more corporations have adopted the design management. It is, however, not easy to build and convey the corporate image to the public systematically, because not only do the corporations run a communication service, the corporations face various business areas and targets. In this study, we analyzed the relationship between the intended image of the corporate and users` visual experiences based on the surveys on the case of KT, which pioneered design management and has made outstanding design results. According to the result, KT`s strategic image concepts have positive effects on users` visual experience in each subarea of its design identity. In conclusion, it is necessary to narrow the gap between users` experiences and images that a corporate intends to convey through continuous research on users` experiences and improvement in a design management system.
Design Management;Communications Services Corporate;Corporate Identity;Design Identity;User Experience;KT;
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