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Study on Visualization of Environment Education Contents: Development of Animation using the Rainwater
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 Title & Authors
Study on Visualization of Environment Education Contents: Development of Animation using the Rainwater
Lee, Young-suk;
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This study suggests the visual contents of environment education using the Rainwater, Visual contents is more effective than writings in terms of delivering information. Environment education needs to be performed from the stage of early childhood as environment can be dealt throughout the overall daily life of learners. This study is to utilize animation contents for environment education to shift recognition of user on environment and deliver the information. For this purpose, virtual space, a theme park with motif of rain city operated by Rainwater was established. Then the process of utilizing Rainwater was shown using rides. Imaginary animal, a dragon and endangered animals were visualized as characters. So this paper is to suggest the possibility of visualization of environment education contents and stimulate `interest` and provide educational information` on utilizing the Rainwater.
Visualization of Environment Education Contents;Rainwater;Animation;
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