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Face Image Analysis using Adaboost Learning and Non-Square Differential LBP
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 Title & Authors
Face Image Analysis using Adaboost Learning and Non-Square Differential LBP
Lim, Kil-Taek; Won, Chulho;
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In this study, we presented a method for non-square Differential LBP operation that can well describe the micro pattern in the horizontal and vertical component. We proposed a way to represent a LBP operation with various direction components as well as the diagonal component. In order to verify the validity of the proposed operation, Differential LBP was investigated with respect to accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity for the classification of facial expression. In accuracy comparison proposed LBP operation obtains better results than Square LBP and LBP-CS operations. Also, Proposed Differential LBP gets better results than previous two methods in the sensitivity and specificity indicators `Neutral`, `Happiness`, `Surprise`, and `Anger` and excellence Differential LBP was confirmed.
Local Binary Pattern;Facial Expression;Adaboost Learning;
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